Pop Corn Live

October, 2023

Small Businesses Benefit From Twitter

Small businesses that use Twitter save on marketing and recruitment costs. A substantial amount has been saved by firms who use Twitter instead of traditional marketing methods, an impressive cost reduction from the small business perspective. (“UK Small Businesses Flock …

The Science of Visual Communication

Graphic design is not merely an art; it’s a science that harnesses the power of visual elements to convey messages effectively.

Logo Design
Logos are the visual identity of a business or organization. Graphic designers create logos that encapsulate a …

Ecommerce and Quantum Computing

The potential impact of quantum computing on Ecommerce is enormous. Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize security, data analysis, and logistics, making complex operations faster and more secure.

Ecommerce and Eco-Friendly Packaging
Sustainability is a growing concern for consumers. …

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