Neon fruit cityscape


Neon Fruit Cityscape is an addictive arcade slot game from 1st Avenue that provides five reels of colorful icons for your amusement. The graphics and sound effects are very smooth and lively, which create an authentic setting for this game. There are free reels to play while you take another trip into the fruit city in the next update of the popular classic slot game. We review the new version here.

First, we have a quick review of the game. At the start of the game, a free reroll will allow you to do a second spin of the slot machine with one free icon to try. Once you have been on the free icon spin for two consecutive times, you will be prompted by the machine to switch to the real fruit machine to play a real fruit machine game. In the free bonus round, jackpot size increases every time you win.

In the main part of the game, there are a total of seven slots where you will need to place your icons in. Some of these icons represent fruits while others symbolize money. You will notice that you will see different numbers of symbols in each column. The number of symbols used in a row will determine the winnings in that particular column. The winnings in each of the seven rows are limited and the more neon fruit cityscape symbols used in that particular slot, the fewer the winnings in that particular slot.

In addition, the game also includes two additional slots that allow you to use the same fruit symbols for free spins. When you place icons in any of the free spaces, you will earn credits that can be used for purchasing powers or additional spins. The winnings in these slots are not restricted to regular jackpots but instead are dependent on the total number of credits you have collected.

The game is very easy and simple. You start by choosing the level you want to play the slot machine game on. If you select the free slots, you will not see any icons or symbols on the screen. The only thing you will notice is when the music starts to play. The colors and the graphics on the screen look very life-like so it would not be difficult for even an adult to play the game.

Playing Neon Fruit Cityscape is similar to playing other slot machine games. There is a short introduction video where a man talks about the game and gives you tips on how to play it. He shows you how to select the proper reels by showing you a clip of a certain reel being used in a previous game. The video also explains how to win the jackpot and gives you a list of all the possible winning combinations for the various reels. This video provides an overview of the game and gives you an idea of how to get the most out of it.